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    Four dead after clashes in nigerian oil region

    By Eric Feltwil

    NIGERIA, Aug 5 (Reuters) – More than 100 people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in clashes between Boko Haram militants and police in the northern state of Nigeria, security officials said on Friday.

    The Islamist insurgents have attacked police posts in the area around Yola in Borno state in recent days and kidnapped at least 26 sch우리카지노oolgirls kidnapped from Chibok school two days ago.

    “The toll is increasing due to the fact that there are more attacks and it is being carried out at a relatively rapid pace,” chief state prosecutor Ziane Tchobe told journalists on a tour of the area where nearly 100 bodies have been pulled from a wooded area by Nigerian military planes.

    Yola police chief Musa Uwe Oluko, in charge of military operations in northeast Nigeria, said the army was engaged in “a major military operation in the area to recapture Chibok” as fighting spread to the provincial capital Yola.

    Witness바카라es said militants attacked security posts about an hour apart at around 4 a.m. local time after seizing one of two villages there, which included a hospital. The assailants also shot one member of the security forces, he added.

    One witness told Reuters that at least one of the armed men in uniform shot in the head the policeman sitting next to her as he tried to save an infant girl.

    Hundreds of police were in the process of getting water and food for survivors and evacuating the town of Ogun, which is not far from the site of the attack, the witness said.

    One security official in Nigeria said more bodies may be pulled from the wooded area after the dead, many wounded, were brought in by helicnatyasastra.comopter and transferred to the Ogun hospital.

    A military spokesman said the militants had killed three militants in their attempt to overrun the area of Ogun. He did not give further details of the wounded but told the BBC that most of them were still being treated in the hospital.

    A military spokesman said at least 10 civilians were killed during a shootout on Wednesday night with Islamist fighters near the town of Abyei in the far north of Borno state, the same day as the capture of the Chibok girls’ school.

    A spokeswoman for Chibok state, Zuzana Gondy, said in a tweet that some 200 people had been killed in the raid.

    Two weeks ago the militants killed at leas

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