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    Queensland on alert for more wild weather today. Picture: ABC News

    Sydney’s Bureau of Meteorology was preparing for another storm surge, with a possible storm surge of 20 metres with possible thunderstorms.

    But the Met Office said rain is likely today across parts of NSW and Victoria from northern to southern Brisbane, with gusts of up to 80 kilometres an hour expected on the inland coastline.

    The Met Office said strong winds will cause flash flooding across northern Queensland tomorrow.

    Forecasters said they could see the heaviest rainfalls from Friday, Wednesday and through Sunday in the state.

    A storm surge of 10 metres could cause power cuts on roads and major inland areas across the state’s south-west.

    Heavy rain is expected to continue across Queensland today and into the weekend. Some roads have been closed, while heavy rain falls across southern areas of the state.

    The Met Office said severe thunderstorm conditions will follow severe stor성남출장샵ms today and into tomorrow.

    More than 90mm of rain has fallen in the state, with flash flooding expected overnight.

    It’s important to note Queensland is not currently at a major thunderstorm watch.

    A storm surge watch is in effect until at least Sunday afternoon and is in effect until 3pm Tuesday.

    The heavy rain and wind shear were expected overnight to cause power outages throughout parts of Queensland, although the Storm Advisory Service said it will not be extended, until after sunset, 여수출장마사지from 10pm on Tuesday until about 2am Wednesday.

    Heavy rain in Brisbane could extend across parts of the state until Monday morning, with heavy rain and wind shear possible, the Storm Advisory Service said.

    The city of Kambahah had to cancel three major rail services on Monday as heavy rain brought down power lines.

    Power outage in Sydney. Picture: Getty

    Temporary flood warnings have been issued across parts of southern parts of NSW.

    As of 9am, Sydney was being kept on a mandatory flood watch while NSW Emergency Services received reports of flash flood강원랜드카지노ing and flash flooding danger areas.

    Temperatures have already reached the low end of yesterday’s average for June on the Eastern Plains of NSW.

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