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    Aurora on notice to spark up new law

    AURORA, Colo. — Federal police raided a Colorado marijuana growing facility Friday and arrested five people accused of selling medical marijuana to patients, and accused two more of selling it to juveniles.

    Officers swooped Friday near Denver International Airport while investigators from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the location in Aurora, where authorities expect to ar더킹카지노rest at least five people connected with growing the plants at the facility.

    The operation involves about half a dozen federal agents, including two undercover officers and two U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents who visited the facility to investigate a growing business.

    An AP investigation over three years found that as many as seven medical patients and some of their parents have been buying medical marijuana from marijuana growers in Aurora and other cities in recent years.

    Some patients paid $250 a month or more to grow the drug, which includes dried flower, oil, marijuana seeds and trim from the plants. Marijuana for medical use is illegal in 25 states.

    Medical marijuana patients have been reporting symptoms ranging from headaches to loss of appetite, including seizures and skin rashes, said police Chief Mark Waggener. Their complaints to authorities have prompted Denver to put several new medical marijuana regulations into place.

    The Colorado Department of Public Health has since set up a hotline to receive complaints and, in recent weeks, has stgospelhitzarted collecting urine samples from the roughly 2,000 residents who have asked about pot-growing operations.

    In Aurora, the oper바카라사이트ation involved about a dozen state and federal police and nine drug agents. Two people, three from Colorado and one from Florida, are in custody. No arrests were made, Waggener said.

    The marijuana plant

    State law allows pot grown at medical facilities to be sold, and the growing facility is open to the public, although the plant must be labeled and sold by the grower’s name.

    For years, Denver police have been investigating the growing operation. Last year they arrested four people and confiscated $7,000 worth of weed, a bust that had sparked outrage and legal claims from some patients and patients’ advocates.

    The operation is believed to have taken place at one of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries operated by the Colorado Medical Marijuana Alliance. The dispensary has been selling the dried flower, leaves and even the oil that’s stored under the hood of an ambulance in an effort to provide the drug for treating a variety of medical conditions.

    A medical marijuana grower uses

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