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    Parks service to begin wild dog aerial baiting program

    SURF City, FL: April 7, 2017 – Parks Service will begin using aerial baiting of wild dog colonies with the goal of improving the health and quality of our local marine habitat, according to a press release issued today by Mayor William Bell.

    “Our partnership with the state, our federal partners, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and local businesses and residents means that we are able to use our knowledge from the ocean to protect the health and well-being of the local aquatic environment while also finding new revenue streams for our parks,” said Mayor Bell.

    Fitzpatrick County Parks and Recreation Manager Mark Schoetz says their aerial baiting program provides a new opportunity to engage in dialogue with wildlife.

    “It’s a matter of getting local residents and the citizens of Surfer City to know what’s happening and what’s happening in their region. We wanted to start off by getting them to understand that they have a lot more to learn and more to share on this topic,” said Schoetz.

    In addition to aerial baiting, Parks Service wil바카라 스토리l be providing dog care, education, entertainment and other resources to schools, parents and members of Surfer City’s animal services crew. In addition to local school districts in southern Florida, all local school districts in Surfer City 영양출장안마are invited to apply to participate.

    Surfer City has approximately 25 dog colonies, and has the most dogs in Florida’s Florida Keys, according to Schoetz.

    “We don’t want to become like Jacksonville, Florida; one of the most dog-friendly places in the country,” said Schoetz. “We want to be a place where everybody can share the joy and the good life.”

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    The release also highlights an existing cooperative partnership called the Coastal Zone Alliance, which includes seven Florida state parks and preserves. The Coastal Zone Alliance provides free, guided fishing tours for the commonwealth’s wild boars to the region, along with education to students and adults about their unique and majestic ecosystems.

    The Coastal Zone Alliance provides assistance to the area’s local fishermen in finding and capturing fish in an area of the coast that is under attack by endangered and threatene

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