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    Winemakers launch melbourne’s first interactive urban wine festival


    Melbourne’s newest culinary arts festival will be “win바카라e-and-dine” – with food being served while the wine is being harvested.

    Two months on from opening its doors, festival-goers will get a glimpse of바카라 what’s to come.

    This year’s opening of Melbourne’s first interactive urban wine festival is the br예스카지노ainchild of Caffe Bistro, the same company behind Bienville which is also opening its doors, during the Cinco de Mayo weekend.

    The new venue, located at Carlton Park, will host live music and interactive demonstrations from Saturday to Sunday.

    As always, there will be live entertainment from local, state and national artists including Lettuce, Jens Hoettens, the Dirty Birds and Daphne & The Flute.

    For those not in the mood for any live music and interactive shows, the music will also be on at events around the street, the Cinco de Mayo plaza and the Wine Bar from noon to 5pm each night.

    Melbourne’s premier wine festival opens its doors at 5pm each night.

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