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    Sa councillor wants legal driving age lifted to 17 after driver dies

    The driver of a van that hit, and killed, a cyclist and a pedestrian on the Queen Elizabeth II viaduct, died later.

    The incident took place on July 4 at the intersection of the viaduct at St. George’s Street East and Queen Elizabeth’s Boulevard East, police said.

    The driver was driving at a high rate o수원출장안마f speed on the viaduct when he left the scene 바카라of the incident and returned only to find his van’s rear side was blocked by a fallen tree.

    He was not injured.

    A witness saw the van drive away and called police, who attended and arrested the driver.

    Cpl. Greg Daley said he wasn’t sure when the driver died, or what caused the incident.

    Police would not speculate on the circumstances of the crash or the circumstances of why the van driver chose to drive the wrong way down the street.

    “We’re really interested in understanding what is going on here with the driver who is deceased as a result of what we’re learning.” Daley said.

    Daley added the driver was not wearing a safety vest, but was found with a hole in his vehicle, the driver was also wearing helmet.

    Daley added all four vehicles involved in the accident were taken to hospital.

    Police are 바카라 사이트reminding drivers that they are responsible for their own safety when they are travelling on the Queen Elizabeth II.

    Roads will remain closed on July 5.

    — With files from CTV Calgary’s Paul MacIntosh

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