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    Taxi protest crosses fi트럼프 카지노ne line in South London and faces police protest

    Police in central London have shut down three lines on a major road after at least 10 protests that included people dressed as police and singing ‘God Save the Queen’ and carrying banners with 부천출장마사지 부천출장샵the phrase, ‘We’re not going back to prison, we’re going home.’

    A major road shutdown from Islington High Street to the westbound side of the M1 at around 15:00 GMT today came as demonstrators gathered outside London City Hall. Police said one person was arrested, while a second indiv천안안마idual was detained following an investigation.

    ‘Police officers have closed roads on several roads including the M1 in Islington, where at least eight people dressed in black and carrying banners with the phrase ‘God Save The Queen’ were met by a large crowd,’ a Metropolitan Police spokesman told BBC News.

    Protests: Tensions were high when a demonstration turned violent after a driver failed to stop at a red light

    There are also reports that a woman is in hospital following an altercation at the junction of Cogger Lane and Old St George Bridge.

    Roads in the area were initially closed for around 30 minutes after the demonstrations and the car in question was found to be driving illegally but reopened shortly after.

    An M35 expressway leading to the site between East Ham and London Bridge – part of the network of roads to the capital’s central business district – remains closed for a number of hours until 3pm today because of the demonstration.

    The London Underground has also closed two routes to the city centre.

    Police had also reportedly arrested someone at a London nightclub on Friday night – in what has also sparked unrest.

    The BBC reports that after an altercation between people dressed as the police and others on the London Night Tube, two men, later identified as women, had to be dragged away by security guards from the area, while a third woman, who also appeared to have been pulled down by security guards, was dragged into a bus.

    ‘There’s been a slight police presence, not as heavy as the night before,’ police spokesman Mark Rowley told the BBC on Friday. ‘It was not a fight, it was rather a disagreement.’

    Protests: A woman wears a mask showing her face in an attempt to disguise her identity while carrying a placard reading ‘We’re not going back to prison, we’re going home’ on a London Bridge road

    The evening has become a day of national mourning following the news that Prince Charle

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