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    Producers warned of cold threat to livestock after a fire broke out in a feedlot

    But even on a cold and wet morning at night, cows in their stable near the farmhouse in the middl온라인 바카라e of the farm’s farmhand range, near the town of Pichrachovka, started barking and fighting, with the sound echoing around the farmhouse.

    The farm has produced about 70,000 pogos since it opened in the 1960s.

    There was a fire that destroyed about 12,000 liters of grain this morning. – TASS

    In the middle of the farmhouse, some workers wer진주출장마사지1 인샵e checking on the cow that had been trapped for weeks with branches and straw and metal rods

    Another cow’s 바카라 사이트legs were cut, she was covered in mud, the animals’ manure was dripping from their ears and their eyes were still open

    ‘She has all sorts of scratches and cuts and bruises,’ said one of the workers, who asked to remain anonymous.

    The farmer added that if anyone else was injured they would have no chance of survival.

    As they tried to rescue the animals from the burning pile they had taken off the dead cow.

    The farm has produced about 70,000 pogos since it opened in the 1960s.

    ‘She has been in the past with these animals for years,’ the farmer said. ‘She was in the stable for a long time now. The dogs are sick. She’s only 19 years old.’

    ‘I’m going to do my best for her, even though she’s dead. She’s been in my care since she was 5 months old,’ the worker added.

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