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    Chinese crewmen granted bail over trawler skippers arrested for smuggling a whale into Indonesia

    On the high seas, there are few limits to the kind of things that can happen.

    It’s illegal, for example, to take sharks into the country. And that’s a problem as well as a problem that is causing worry among fishermen who rely heavily on the sharks for income. And so they were caught out, they were convicted and they were fined $250,000 apiece. But they did get a reprieve, although in the eyes of some here the money would be better spent elsewhere. They are taking another small step toward having sharks off the waters of the Indian Ocean.

    “As far as we know, it’s a very small amount, and if it’s the same amount over a very long period of time, it will reduce all the problems from now on,” says Richard Joffrey, a conservation scientist from the University of California, Berkeley.

    But the fishe감성 마사지rmen are worr화천출장마사지 화천출장샵ied the decision will spark more people from China to come and make trouble on their fishing grounds.

    “This time is different – it seems to have been planned by someone with ulterior motives,” one says.

    As it turns out, all these cases of human smuggling might actually be small fry. According to a new report from international NGO the Center for International Policy Research (CIPR), it found that people with criminal connections are more likely to try to bring illegal animals into the country than just regular smugglers.

    CIPR found people who were trying to bring fish into the country over the past 18 months – around 4,000 cases so far.

    At least one of those fishermen is from Hangzhou, an extremely famous fishing village, with lots of young people all going there to hunt sea turtles, crabs and giant prawns.

    Some fish smugglers are now planning to set up a base in that city to ferry illegal items across Indones인터넷 바카라ia to other areas where there is a bigger demand for the animals.

    But according to one of those fishermen, they’re getting a lot of help from Chinese friends.

    “My Chinese friends are helping out, they’re also taking the police who work with us on this, so we should be fine to deal with this”, he says.

    Chinese fishing boats have also been caught carrying a whale for six months. A few weeks ago, a Chinese fishing boat carrying 10 to 15 tons of raw fish found itself surrounded by local fishermen in Taman Bagan, about 130 miles from Manila.


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