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    Justice dept memo offers basis for torture report

    Former U.S. national securit룰렛y adviser Rice had misled the public about the identities of U.S. diplomatic officers involved in the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, which led to calls for President Obama to prosecute some of the leakers.

    In a memo released Tuesday, former Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland outlined a list of reasons why some of the sources on the group’s roster were not “transparent, credible and honest in their disclosures to the news media.”

    In particular, Nuland described the “exchange of information with journalists in exchange for access to classified information, which resulted in a false or incomplete picture about the source of the leak.” She further discussed WikiLeaks’ willingness to engage in “false flag operations in an effort to gain access to classified information.”

    The document also detailed an “abuse” of the State Department Inspector General, who had conducted a series of reviews into security failures during the Obama administration.

    Former National Security Agency and CIA chief General Keith Alexander discussed U.S. spying and cyber attacks, saying last July that his agency was “not in any way compromised and that the Snowden leaks are in many ways just another example of the incompetence of a bunch of people.”

    The U.S. intelligence community had known for years about U.S. surveillance efforts but chose not to share it.

    U.S. intelligence agencies have revealed that hackers from the Russian government hacked into servers at several U.S. government sites as part of a large-scale operation dubbed “OpSec” to try to steal and disseminate classified information about U.S. forces fighting in Syria.

    “What the report really says is we should be careful not to take such stories at face value,” Alexander said in a speech during his tenure as director of National Intelligence. “I think it does show that our judgments, our assumptions about the intelligence communities and our assessments, are very far apart at the highest levels.”

    “I think it shows that for a lot of American intelligence community l제천안마eaders — and not just officials who are the ones to be criticized — they are still very anxious to get th바카라 게임eir ducks in a row,” Alexander said.

    U.S. intelligence agencies also reported in their report that hackers in the Russian government also compromised the DNC computer network and released the e-mails of some top DNC officials.

    Also last July, an official at the Department of Homeland Security told a Congressional panel that the Obama administration and the State Department were sharing informatio

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