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    THE GRAND PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION held an emergency debate at the Victorian Assembly today to discuss the state of the industry as it has been decimated by climate change.

    It has called on the Government to enact the national climate change policy but is facing increasing criticism from senior executives on both sides of politics over the cost of implementing it.

    At a two-hour debate held at Parliament House today, a large group of about 60 industry, business and academic professionals from across Victoria were joined by representatives of other trade bodies, such as the Australia Institute.

    Speaking during the debate, Professor Tony Mavridis from the Australian Institute said the issue of climate change was now in a state of disarray.

    “We are facing a time of climate change, a transition period where people have to adapt to a changing world where everything has changed and we are going to have to adapt to this time of transition,” he said.

    “It’s something that can be managed, can be made much better and we now know that it can be.”

    Professor Mavridis added a number of measures would be required to ensure the industry “gets a reasonable deal from the State and Federal Governments and the state has the ability to develop a carbon tax plan to get on with it”.

    Greens leader Christine Milne also addressed the debate, saying the Liberal Government needs to recognise that climate change was affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians.

    “The only way it’s going to be resolved and managed is if the political will is there,” she said.

    “I just want to reiterate for the people of Victoria, from what I’ve seen in other states and in my own state and people fr인터넷 카지노om across the country I’m very concerned about how this is being 더나인카지노handled by the Government of Victoria.

    “It’s not enough that they say we’re going to cut carbon emissions, we’re going to have to actually do something about what we do with it to reduce it.

    “I have no sympathy whatsoever for people who get up on the day we announced we’d be doing some sort of carbon tax because their children live in the bush in bushland or in Victoria.

    “It’s absolutely wrong. The only way that it can be solved is through the policy that’s been put forward.”

    Professor Milne also criticised Government o샌즈 카지노ver the use of science and evidence in the legislative process and the way climate change had been covered under the Climate Chang

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