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    Pm premier check on defence project: “I don’t like budget cuts but we need to fund our military program.” | Getty Im바카라 게임ages

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to cut the prime minister’s annual spending on defence could be as high as $2 billion a year over the next decade, according to experts and industry representatives.

    The federal government’s defence chief, Gen. Jonathan Vance, this week laid out his vision for spending less, but still with plans to double spending by 2015-16 to $1.8 billion from $1.2 billion.

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    Tha하하 포커t would bring in just over $1.7-billion a year – $500-million a year for the first three years and $1.5-billion a year thereafter.

    The amount is the first time the federal government has budgeted to spend less than that – to the tune of about $2.9-billion a year for the next five years – the latest version of the Canada Strategic Program, or CSP.

    The government has said it is “carefully reviewing” its plans to reduce spending for the next five years. But the CSP has been a priority for both Harper and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, who in the past was behind the idea of an end to the Conservative government’s war in Iraq, then one of the most costly of Canada’s long wars.

    Under Mr. Harper’s plans, $2.3-billion, or $40.8-billion – or 16.3 per cent, the amount in total, will be spent on weapons systems and training. The rest will be on “procurement” – or paying the vendors directly for the technology that comes with developing new military hardware – to keep the program on track.

    And of the $600-million for a $80-million defence weapons program, $600-million is being committed to technology, research and development, training and logistics; $700-million will go to pay for “modernized weapons systems.”

    But there is still much more to be spent on defence – almost $400-million more for equipment and systems than planned – while there is007카지노 still a “shortfalls” on other projects, including for the “unprecedented” Arctic program that Mr. Wright had suggested a decade ago.

    “The Canada Strategic Program is not finished, so there are still gaps in it,” said Dennis McTague, president of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute

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