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    Sri lanka seize control in rainy colombo in July. © Sri Lanka Cricket Association (2013)

    “In short, there are certain players in this country who are not considered in the context of a player of these ilk, which is why it is difficult to find them, as they are not considered in the way we are used to with Sri Lanka cricket.”

    “This is not the start of any controversy,” said Oram. “This is a business decision, something which our players have said from da카지노 사이트y one. They have not objected. What we are worried about is that the players may not respect the decision and don’t listen to the message, and it will eventually get to the general public.”

    As a result, Oram says that there is no need to push forward with any further Test match series against Sri Lanka, except for the Tests of the 2014 series, with Sri Lanka’s next tour – the tour of New Zealand in November – being the most convenient venue. Sri Lanka have not won a Test series against a non-Test country since October 2013, when they played their fifth ODI a카지노 사이트t Adelaide.

    The match-fixing affair involving five players – batsman Srinath Sangakkara and spin bowler Virender Sehwag and seam bowler Pravin Tandy – in August has raised questions over the integrity of cricket at all levels of the game, including the domestic game. Srinath, Sangakkara and Sehwag were arrested two months later and the six accused – Sri Lanka wicketkeeper M P Dhoni, Sri Lanka spinners Shamsher Malik and Suresh Raina, and captain Umar Gul – were arrested on 27 August, on a charge of fixing of the match. Two months earlier, the pair had been issued with a warning by a match referee over the alleged conspiracy to rig a Test match and are scheduled to appear before the ICC board of governors at its monthly meeting in September.

    “If Srinath was involved in fixing it, it is very easy to imagine how these matches are going to come out of the ICC’s purview,” added 우리카지노Oram. “If we are going to discuss fixing or not discussing fixing then we must discuss the results and the match at hand.”

    Oram also defended his decision to hold an early test against Pakistan. Although Sri Lanka, as a new team-member, have not yet made themselves available for the game against Pakistan, Oram believes that the presence of Suresh, who, like their captai

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