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    Sms alerts for banana shire and the village of Alberni. “I’m quite sure he didn’t 예스 카지노just eat the banana,” said one of the villagers he contacted.

    But there are no guarantees the information would have come from Google, who don’t keep such sensitive records. And, says an천안안마 Alberni doctor, the number of searches for the village comes largely from private Google searches that he has made. That suggests to him that if the village had not been in Google Maps’s database, then it would not have turned up.

    So we do now know that the Google search “banana village” could have been generated from a query for a local website: localbananas.co.za. The website’s address shows Alberni does in fact exist in Google Maps’s results, although the village does not. Google have promised to investigate if this can be fixed.

    But there is still an enormous amount of evidence that may indicate another element to Google’s search results. The next page is not listed under the category of “bananas”. At all. So what did the Google data set reveal? It revealed there is a local supermarket in Alberni which sells produce from the nearby town. Alberni is not a major player on the market, so there is no reason why the local banana company should be on the list.

    The first question is why Google would have searched for the local produce business under this section? A Google search would have found “local produce” and included it in its results. It would be strange, then, not to have included the local fruit or vegetable business under the main category for fruit and vegetables. (And that’s because local produce is much more popular in the UK than in other countries, including the US.) A “local fruit and vegetable business” category of a search would have led to “main fruit and vegetables”, not “main produce”, so there would not be more information about the company.

    It doesn’t soun구미안마d like Google wanted to look at the “main fruit and vegetables” section. It just didn’t. What would have changed between the first search for “local fruit and vegetable” and the one for “main produce”?

    One plausible explanation is that because local produce has a large and growing market in the rest of Africa the search was part of a bigger push for that product category. The first search under the local fruit and vegetables category would then have included “local fruit and vegetables”. But that would not have revealed the market for local produce, but only th

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