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    Militants burn 15 trucks of nato supplies, including trucks carrying diesel, in the city of Kunduz

    Some of the victims were taken to several hospitals, where they were treated before being released

    The dead in the battle for Kunduz

    Kunduz city: the worst attack on coalition forces by Islamic State, w라이브 바카라hich has called on militants to ‘burn every last American truck’ in this image

    Militants have taken control of parts of the eastern city of Kunduz in a major assault, but a U.S.-led coalition says it has still fai코인 카지노led to defeat them.

    Fighting in the country’s second city had become increasingly intensive from Wednesday to Wednesday night, with fierce fighting in one part of the district where the American convoy was captured.

    The coalition says it’s still trying to recover more Americans captured in battle in the western city of Kunduz, but some Afghan troops are reported to be suffering from fatigue and exhaustion.

    The fighting in Kunduz district is not only taking its toll on Afghan forces, which began the long campaign to drive Islamic State jihadists from the country, says the Associated Press.

    U.S. troops are supporting Afghanistan forces that have been battling Taliban fighters for weeks in a bid to take back Kunduz in order to avoid further casualties on the part of coalition forces fighting in Syria and Iraq.

    The battle for Kunduz, which started late on Tuesday night and is now in its eighth day, includes battles in districts in Kunduz’s south and on the eastern outskirts of the city of Logar.

    In a separate attack Tuesday night, Islamic State supporters attacked American forces in the western city of Guri.

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in the first instance by posting an image online of its own Humvee, and the Pentagon is confirming reports from Afghan police and local military that the U.S. special forces were the ones responsible.

    The Islamic State’s Amaq news agency earlier carried photos of its Humvee, and reports suggested the vehicle was destroyed, but the Pentagon confirmed to CBS that the attack on the special forces in the western city wasn’t an improvised attack.

    President Trump made clear in the morning that the United States wouldn’t take any action that would further강릉출장마사지 weaken its forces in the face of increased challenges from the Islamic State, calling the jihadist group ‘vile.

    Fierce fighting in Kunduz (pictured) has left at least 12 people dead and 100 others wounded according to the Taliban

    The attack on Americans came afte

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