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    Campaign to target tailgating truckies.”

    Cops have no jurisdiction over tailgaters, but a handful of states, such as Missouri and Texas, have some kind of fines for tailgaters who violate parking laws.

    In Tennessee, anyone caught illegally parking in a place other than a city parking garage would be guilty of a Class 3 misdemea월드 카지노nor and be sent to jail for 90 days. But according to state statistics, only six percent of that number is actually prosecuted by police.

    The Tennessee Department of Transportation estimated that at the time this post went to press, th카지노 게임 사이트e state was “cracking down” only on violations, not tailgaters. “This is something we are working on, but we don’t have any data on that yet,” said DOT spokesperson Jason Stiles. “We know there have been a few cases, and we know there are some guys that are illegally parking on the road, but we don’t know여수안마 how many or which guys, and we have to do our due diligence, in terms of enforcement and prosecution, to really get to know exactly how this works.”

    In California, a car was pulled over by a police officer when he pulled over a driver with her hands in the air and an open bottle of alcohol on the top floor of a car in a traffic jam. The officer said the driver had broken the law by leaving the vehicle and drinking at his home, even though he was behind the wheel and didn’t have his headlights on. She could face up to five years in prison for a felony count of leaving the scene of the accident and/or impaired driving, if the judge finds she was drunk or drugged. (Note to self, don’t drink while driving. It’s terrible, and may kill someone.)

    The California DMV states that while you shouldn’t enter your car into a parking facility where there is a large amount of other cars on it unless it is already registered, you may park for 30 minutes there when parking is restricted and there are at least two other people in your car (one who has the right to be in the car and the other who must stay at least 100 yards from your vehicle).

    (And just in case the drunk driver’s driving during the 30 minute period was more than 50-plus on their breathalyzer, the DMV says you are also prohibited from going more than 1/2 mile/hour over the speed limit if your vehicle is in the lane of the limit. But that sounds great when you have to wait 30 minutes for people to realize your vehicle i

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