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    Native title negotiations break down

    The Canadian government is considering whether to take a more cautious stance on the contentious Trans Mountain pipeline project, with the Liberal government in Ottawa seeking input from industry, indigenous leaders and environmental groups this week.

    “The process that’s taking place around the pipeline has the potential to be even more dangerous than originally contemplated, and there is potential for that to unfold into a bigger challenge,” saiXO 카지노d Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.

    “We don’t think it’s right to be putting Canadians’ health and safety at risk by putting in another pipeline at this moment in time,” he told the CBC on Wednesday. “If I were a pipeline official, I’d be asking: Why would you want to do something like that? Where does that take us? What are we saying we want to achieve here? Are we putting our health and safety and our environment at risk?”

    The Canadian government has not taken any further action on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline under federal jurisdiction since June 2014.

    A spokesman for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, the country’s leading oil and gas producer, also exp카지노게임ressed concern about how Keystone XL may impact a number of environmental, climate and aboriginal groups.

    “It appears that the government has changed its position,” said David Shukla of the CAP in an interview with CBC News on Wednesday. “We’re not sure, at this point, what the new thinking is.”

    Shukla said that while Keystone XL will probably benefit a number of environmental groups, he was also concerned about how the project would impact the B.C. environment because B.C. has already signed the Trans Mountain pipeline to ship diluted bitumen from Alberta, Canada’s largest oil producer.

    “We need to have that conversation with the community,” Shukla said. “And one of the first things that we should do is xo 카지노let the people decide.”

    Trudeau on Indigenous land, climate

    In a statement on Wednesday, Trudeau said he has been talking to First Nations chiefs in the area where Trans Mountain will be built, and said he believes all parties should do their part to ensure a “fair, safe and healthy environment for indigenous Canadians.”

    “I am also proud to be among the few premiers who has, for over 50 years, signed the treaties that have made it possible for the First Nations of British Columbia to share in an enhanced role in economic development, while the federal government has chosen to divide British Columbia further to protect its interests.”


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