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    Williams hoping to repeat malaysian success stories

    In 2010, Srikanth took the Indian Ocean, from theCDC 철도청 카지노 UK to Singapore, and won the men’s 50m freestyle gold, the only silver medal in the world. In 2013 he completed a solo Olympic record, with two of his four golds and one silver in the men’s 500m and 200m freestyle.

    Two years ago, the world caught fire in the 50m freestyle when Srikanth was second in the finals, behind Michael Phelps. Since then he has also beaten the men’s 400m world record.

    “There is no doubt, as he sa제주출장마사지id earlier, that this is the year where we can win gold again,” said Srikanth in an interview.

    However, with so much attention being focused on the men’s race, there has also been a lot of debate about the women’s race and what kind of chances these two will have.

    “This year, there will be plenty of teams that we will compete in that will not think about taking silver. That’s because you are trying to be part of something special,” said Srikanth.

    India has a long and storied history in the sport but despite winning silver twice in recent years and finishing 10th in 2014, most Indian sports commentators have had little success in gaining an Olympic spot.

    As Srikanth is just 22 years old, he is still making big strides with the team and may need to stay sharp as India’s dream of a gold medal in London looks dim.

    Indian Olympic coach Kiran Shah said India needed to be confident of qualifying for next Olympics and in London, Srikanth was a good example of the type of athlete who would make India as competitive as possible.

    “This boy needs every bit of his eff슬롯 사이트ort to come and have a great 2014,” Shah told IndianExpress.com.

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