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    Pony club has been going for 80 years but can it survive drought conditions?

    Ralph MacGregor is CEO of the Rainbow Farm & Ranch which provides a diverse array of products from the premium food basket and catering, to the small artisan craft offerings and fine arts, entertainment, wine, music and culture, and so much more.

    Ralph MacGregor: “Rainbow Farm & Ranch has been in operation for almost 80 years in southern Kentucky. We pride ourselves on producing everything on our farm – from specialty cheeses, to our own wine, our own meats, our own vegetables and, yes, even our own chocolate. All of our ingredients are locally sourced, and for good reason. Our farm is located in rural north-central Kentucky, right smack in the middle of the national forest. Our employees range from far우리카지노mhands to trained scientists to certified food professionals, so what better way to get in on the action.”

    Rainbow Farm & Ranch Farm Manager, Phil Beal, says, “A majority of our products we sell in restaurants, but what we sell locally through our farm is that we’re passionate about creating sustainable food choices. We are passionate about providing our customers the food they need.”

    In the last 5 years, Rainbow Farm & Ranch, as well as surrounding farms has built a successful reputation.

    Ralph MacGregor says the Rainbow Farm & Ranch website is a great resource for the people of south central Kentucky. For mor바카라사이트e information on the farm, visit www.rainbowfarmandranch.com.

    The farmer’s market in the farm includes many varieties of produce including organic, grass fed and dairy products. For more information about the farm, please click on www.rainbowfarmandranch.com.

    Rainbow Farm & Ranch has the longest history of producing wine in the world, dating back to 1929, when it was the first wine estate in the country to produce vineyard wines and distribute them as wine. Since then, Rainbow Farm & Ranch has built an enduring reputation as Kentucky’s leading vineyard and winemaker.

    The farm and its surrounding acreage includes the property in which we are located, as well as various farm buildings, a wine cellar, a wine school and, currently, a small wine store for the community. With a large winery and win더킹카지노emaking operation in the valley, Rainbow Farm & Ranch has the potential for producing large amounts of wine year round.

    To learn more about our farm and its heritage as well as how we’re planning to bring in more customers to our farm

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