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    Man to face court over assault on cleaners

    The video emerged after The Daily Telegraph revealed in January that the man was being investigated by Scotland Yard over an attack on workers at a London laundromat two years ago that left seven women needing surgery.

    Police found CCTV footage of a man carrying a bag which contained knives, glass bottles, kitchen utensils and nails,더나인카지노 and then walking out of a shop in Soho, west London on October 8 2014.

    It was the latest example of a man being tracked down by security cameras because he was carrying what seemed to be a large amount of cash.

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    It was claimed the man carried the cash in a small bag under his coat, and was wearing shorts with his jacket on.

    Detectives have previously used the ‘purse snif강원안마fing kit’ which could be used to identify the size of cash used by people to withdraw cash from cash machines or make payments on cards in London.

    The paper discovered that officers were trying to link the man’s identity and his bag to the crime, after seeing CCTV that could have identified the man by the number of cash in the bag.

    He was also accused of stealing £50 from the same shop in February 2014, and was arrested after attempting to take back the £50 the next day.

    His청주출장마사지 청주안마 identity has now been confirmed, and officers are now trying to identify him by the way he looks from CCTV footage.

    A Metropolitan Police source said: “Following the theft of a cash bag from the same bank last year, we received CCTV footage showing that a man walked out with what appears to be a large amount of cash in his left hand.

    “We are working with the police to see if there are similarities between his identity and the cash the same way we might be able to identify someone who carries cash as the person responsible for the theft.”

    The sources were also told that the man was stopped by police after a second successful delivery of the same bag.

    The video was filmed before the shop’s surveillance camera was turned off and it was only afterwards that a shop assistant could be seen being forced to hand it back to the man.

    The spokesman said: “Officers went to the bank on Monday to collect the money, and a man walked out of the branch, handing the money back to the shop assistant.

    “The man has been taken into custody following an investigation.”

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