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    Man jailed over car defects racket

    Prosecutors said Mr Farkhan’s case is the l모나코 카지노atest example of a racketeering scheme targeting carmakers by a group of Asian companies that speciali속초안마se in importing foreign-made cars from India for racing.

    They said the business model involved collecting bribes and promising to sell a foreign-made car for much less than its market price in exchange for “bribes” including the provision of fake names, “fake passports” and other documents.

    In return, carmakers agree to supply a foreign-made car in return for a guarantee of its quality – and the appearance of an Indian car engine in the car, the trial and sentencing of the seven companies showed.

    Some were described in the trial as “loser’s companies”.

    Their cases and those of several others are a rare example of Indian police arresting people in India who they suspect are involved in car crime. Mr Farkhan’s lawyer, Manoj Sharma, said Mr Farkhan could not comment on his client’s case as it had been adjourned to April 16.

    After the court’s decision, an ambulance driver, who tried to drive out the four car companies’ lawyers, got into an argument with the judge and the defendant, Mr Prakash Gupta, over the bail amount of the defendant, who was driving with a fake identification card and had arrived from India e부천안마arlier.

    The trial was delayed because the bail has to be approved by a police board.

    One of the defendants, K S Rathore, from Mumbai, was arrested in the city on Tuesday and spent time in jail for “wilful conspiracy to commit car theft.”

    In India, police, army and foreign companies make up a tiny part of the industry.

    Rivals buy from manufacturers who then sell them in the country to international carmakers – a practice that has fuelled bribery and the import of foreign cars, as well as fuelling Indian traffic and corruption.

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