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    Sharon to hand ar샌즈 카지노ab israeli towns to palestinians

    Jerusalem: Israeli officials have offered Arab villagers in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem the chance to live in an Arab city under Israeli control.

    Officials said the offer was an expression of shared interests, since it came from Israel’s embassy in the Arab world, the State Security Council said Sunday in a statement.

    A senior Israeli official told the official Tzacharit news website that the offer would not affect Israeli citizens living in Arab towns. The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter.

    The plan is to provide 50,000 dunams (1.2 square miles) of land in one of the five East Jerusalem settlements under Israeli control to villagers who would have the right to return to their villages, the statement said. In addition, villages would be given 카지노 게임“in-jihad” permission to convert back to Judaism, according to the document.

    “These are the first real steps toward the true settlement,” said Michael Ben-David, head of the Jerusalem Office for the Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories. “They are symbolic, but concrete.”

    The proposal came ahead of talks on establishing more comprehensive “two-state” solutions to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians, to be held by peace activists, at the Gush Emunim peace summit planned for Saturday.

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    A top official of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said it “is not appropriate” to discuss “the real issues involved in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” He said Israeli officials have “a bad habit of not showing the slightest interest in the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

    The Palestinians in West Bank and East Jerusalem claim the area as the land they want for their future state.

    The State Security Council statement said the offer came from the Embassy of Egypt and from the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo. It urged Arab states to listen to the Arab-Israeli peace process.

    Earlier Sunday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships to stop talks aimed at a two-state solution that will end the conflict. The statement comes days before the opening of a UN-brokered Palestinian session aimed at achievin

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